Dress Code in Casinos in US and Europe

Casinos are a favorite hobby for millions of people around the world. From America to Europe, throngs of people flock to casinos for the excitement, the thrill and the entertainment. People many times get dressed up for the nightlife, the shows, the drinks and the overall fun of the experience. However, for casino-goers, the appropriate dress code varies according to the location of the casino and sometimes even according to the game being played. This is an interesting fact because in many instances the game being played is actually the exact same game but the dress code varies nevertheless. A person going to play in a casino in Germany would dress up differently than, say, a casino player in Las Vegas. The following guide is designed to give you a few tips on how to dress up the right way.

Many of America’s larger and more well-known casinos are located in a few well-known spots. Las Vegas, Foxwoods and Atlantic City are all examples of popular casino destinations that American as well as international tourists from around the world comes to visit. These locations in general don’t have a specific dress code however casual dress is often followed. Many times anything from dress shirts and slacks to jeans and a T-shirt are acceptable. The dealers generally expect tips at these casinos. A typical tip is $1 for each hand you win. Most dealers do not expect a tip if you just win the blinds. If you win a huge pot, consider a larger tip.

A casino in Germany for example is completely different from what American gamblers are used to. The typical German casino has two parts. First is the slot machine only section, which does not have a strict dress code. The second section is the tables games area, where the poker tables are also present. The table games section of a German casino is quite fancy and has a very strict dress code. Most German casinos require its customers to wear a jacket and a tie. The casino may have jackets and ties available for players that forget to bring them.

A British casino typically has a moderate dress code. Most require something along the lines of a collared shirt, pants, and decent shoes (no sneakers). British casinos require registration, typically done with a passport or British driver’s license. They generally do not have an entry fee at the door though. Tipping is actually not allowed at British casinos so that’s one less thing you need to worry about!

Keep these various customs in mind when traveling to casinos abroad and make sure that you get the most fun out of your casino trip!